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Terms and Conditions

The web portal is an online store at the service of companies in the San Gregorio Open Zone in Telde that makes the visibility of these businesses available in a single web directory in order to create a community where citizens You can find the products and services you need when visiting the San Gregorio shopping area in Telde online. 

There are more than four hundred businesses in the San Gregorio Open Commercial Zone in Telde. In this web portal, online commerce we give visibility to the companies of the association with the commitment acquired to work for the economic and social recovery that Telde of the San Gregorio Open Commercial Zone in Telde. Always working, we hope and wish that this web portal and its dynamization will be a reference in order to continue increasing the number of businesses in this online trade.

Next, we would like to present you our «General Terms and Conditions» which apply to all the services of the web portal

At we offer an order processing experience, where citizens can view the products and services of each of the businesses that are partners. These services and products are selected by the entrepreneurs. 

The companies have decided by common agreement to view their businesses with different modalities:

. All products that are displayed with prices will have taxes included

. The products do not have to have the transport price included. So each business individually will report in their area.

. Businesses will announce if the products have home delivery or if they have to be picked up at the store, as well as their conditions

. Businesses decide individually whether or not they want to include a price in their products or services

. Businesses decide to display generic and style products or specific and current products

There is a variety of personalized product and service displays for each business, according to their interests and needs. You will not always find the same information in the online trade of different businesses.

The web portal is a mere business directory. Contracts, orders and deliveries of products and services are the responsibility of each business. When people place an online order made through the web portal, a contract will be signed in Spanish with the business you are going to or the businesses as an online user. 

The contents of products and services of each business will be updated in online commerce, however, many businesses visualize their style of products or services and not a specific product with price and / or stock. Likewise, we cannot guarantee that seasonal products are updated in online commerce, if you see a product or service that is not exactly the one that the business has in your establishment, you should know that the display of content is by similar styles. 

This online commerce aims to unite citizens with businesses and make a general visual presentation of their products and services. We cannot guarantee exact stock, prices or products, schedules or any information in this regard.

By clicking on a product that you might like from a business with a price or without a price, be it a specific product or an example of the style of the products and services of the business, you will be able to add the product to the basket and once the order in the basket you can:

. Continue shopping in the same business or process your order. When processing your order, you can contact the business using a form that will reach the specific business, email or telephone. The communication channels are those that each business has considered of its own interest to connect with citizens, online users.

. The binding contract when you make the order confirmation will be directly with the business or businesses of your orders, never with our web portal 

. Purchases, returns or claims must be processed directly with the businesses in which you have requested your potential purchases, orders or reservations.

. The obligations of purchases and returns, legal notice, privacy policies, data protection is individual to each business. We do not assume any responsibility for prices, availability, quality, refunds, payments, purchases or any other order process that the citizen has carried out with the business.

. The risks of purchasing the ordered products cannot be assumed by this web portal or by the Association of Entrepreneurs of the San Gregorio Open Commercial Zone. 

. You consent that the rights of your purchase regarding the orders, reservations and payments of the products and services requested may be assigned to third parties.

. Home deliveries by those businesses that have these options will be made within the scope established by each business, the main territory being the Canary Islands. The days of home delivery will be those agreed with each business.

. Home deliveries may entail an increase for transport according to each business. It is the businesses that will report the contribution amounts for home transportation.

. The published prices will be with taxes included in general, without transport included or with transport included according to each business. These prices are subject to change without prior notice. Payments have to be made directly with each business. You will see the options available in each business.

. Depending on the place of shipment, each business may apply some expenses or others.

. Promotional voucher initiatives, how to redeem them during advertising campaigns will be those of each business. We are not responsible for the offers, promotions or discounts of each business. 

. The gift card or how to redeem gifts will only be redeemed with businesses that promote it. 


When you wish to cancel the processed order, you must do so directly with the business. Refunds of purchases must be processed with the businesses directly. Customer service for services, aids and other contacts regarding the establishment must be processed with each business.

The product has been successfully added to your order