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Fatima, Footwear the Cheapest
The activity carried out by Calzados el más Barato is the sale of footwear and accessories, integrated in the city of Telde since 2004.
During these years we have tried to give the best service to our clients, we are known for having a very good quality product, the best price and always the latest in fashion with a lot of variety.
We are located within the open commercial area of ​​San Gregorio where we have witnessed the different stages through which it has passed, some not very good but at this moment we are very happy about the growth of the area, because of the variety of shops that we have and all this directly or indirectly benefits us.
We will continue betting on the commerce of the city of Telde and with this new project of the Marketplace even more, it has given us the opportunity to be more visible and reach more customers.
To be grateful for the work that is being carried out by the business association of the San Gregorio Open Commercial Zone, we feel very protected by them and always accompanying us along the way.
Xavi, Taxitel Cooperative

For us it is important to be part of the association because of what it represents, which is the union that it means between the different businesses, companies and transport, as we are at Telde.

Through this association and this web portal that is being created where each one makes himself known and describes more or less his areas of work. Ours in particular that of the taxi, where we train with a fleet of 185 taxis, twenty four hours, three hundred and sixty days a year, 24/365, providing services in the municipality of Telde and the airport, with a fleet management that is Socomtaxi , which is made up of more than 850 taxis, its own website, and a Mobile Application, a nationwide App such as "Pidetaxi" for free download where you can lose your taxi and follow up on it, calculate the price of the service before to request it ... We also have a field within the website itself for subscribers: "Those companies that decide to work with us with a single invoice and adjustable prices"

Romelpe, Maria Perez

The Marketplace made in Telde and by Teldenses is a great visibility opportunity for all companies in the Open Commercial Zone. It allows us to be seen with a simple click and not only in the city because the internet has no limits.

It is a space to create synergies, where we can be easily found with searches such as commerce in Telde, Home Service or others different from the name of our business. It will allow us to be present before people who did not know us before and most importantly, create an economy in our municipality because united we will be more visible.

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